Classification: NS-SEC
Short name: NS-SEC
Full name: National Statistics Socio-economic Classification
General description: The National Statistics Socio-economic classification (NS-SEC) was devised in order to create a single social classification to replace social class and socio-economic group, which are both based on a personís occupational unit group and status in employment. (See related links for the continuity between NS-SEC and its predecessors). Conceptually, NS-SEC has been constructed as a measure of soci-economic positions.
The classification can be operationalised with a varying number of categories or classes for the purposes of analysis. The form used most in National Statistics has 8 classes, the Analytic Classes. The long version of the classification has 17 operational categories; 14 functional, 3 residual.
LS description:
Mnemonic: NS-SEC
Keyword: Socio-economic
Start date: Census 2001
References: Rose, David and Pevalin, David J, (eds.) 2003) A Researcherís Guide to the National Statistics Socio-economic Classification. London/Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications
Equivalent classifications: SOCLASS91 (Census 1991)
SOCLASS81 (Census 1981)
SOCLASS71 (Census 1971)