Classification: QUAL91
Short name: QUAL91
Full name: Qualification 1991
General description: Classification of qualification in the census is according to the type and level of qualification obtained (degree, diploma, doctorate etc.) Coding of qualifications from census data also contains information on the subject of study.
The classification of qualification in 1991 is concerned with GCE ‘A level’ or equivalent, and higher qualifications obtained after the age of 18. A ‘qualified person’ for census purposes, is one who holds a qualification above GCE ‘A’ level standard.
Qualifications are grouped into three levels according to the academic standard of the qualification. In 1991, this division according to level of qualification is also referred to as the educational level.
LS description: There are separate LS variables for qualification and qualification level, though the qualification level can be derived from the qualification information.
The 1981 and 1991 variable use the same form of the classifcation; they have the same codes.
Keyword: Education
Start date: Census 1991
Equivalent classifications: QUAL81 (Census 1981)
QUAL71 (Census 1971)
PQUAL01 (Census 2001)