Classification: SEG90
Short name: SEG90
Full name: Socio-Economic Group 1990
General description: Classification by socio-economic group was introduced in the UK in 1951. The classification has been revised several times, most recently in 1991 (SEG 91). Socio-economic group is derived from information on occupation, economic status and the number of employees in the establishment.
SEG is a non-hierarchical classification of people into one of 20 groups determined by occupation and employment status (and the number of employees in an establishment).
It is an unordered classification, unlike the Registrar General's Social Class (RGSC) which is an ordinal one.
Changes in classification of occupation between 1970 and 2000 affect the grouping of occupations within the SEGs, but not the names and codes of the groups themselves.
LS description: The 1991 LS SEG variable takes a value in the range 1-20 (instead of 0-19 in 1971 and 1981) corresponding to each of the 20 SEG codes.
Keyword: Socio-economic
Start date: Census 1991
Equivalent classifications: SEG70 (Census 1981)
NS-SEC (Census 1971)
SEG80 (Census 1991)