Classification: SIC(68)
Short name: SIC(68)
Full name: Standard Industrial Classification 1968
General description: The first Standard Industrial Classifcation (SIC) was introduced in 1948 to describe the industry to which a particular job contributes. All persons employed in a unit of industry are included irrespective of their occupations. SIC has been revised several times to take account of changes and developments in various UK industries. The series of SIC classifications groups businesses or economic units by the economic activity in which they engage. It is broadly comparable with the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) although there are differences in the detail of the classification because ISIC classifies economic activity in the world, whereas SIC deals with activities in the domestic economy.
LS description: This classification was used for coding the 1971 LS Census industry variable.
Additional code 999, for the variable IND7 in the LS, means ‘not applicable’.
Mnemonic: SIC(68)
Keyword: Occupation
Start date: Census 1971
Equivalent classifications: SIC(80) (Census 1981)
UK SIC(92) (Census 2001)