Classification: SIC(80)
Short name: SIC(80)
Full name: Standard Industrial Classification 1980
General description: Each Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) groups businesses or economic units by the economic activity in which they engage. It is broadly comparable with the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) but there are differences in the detail of the classification because ISIC classifies economic activity in the world whereas SIC deals with activities in the domestic economy. The revision of SIC in 1980 applied the European form of the classification of economic activity, NACE*, as closely as was practicable to the structure of UK industry.
*Nomenclature génerale des activités économique dans les Communautés européennes. This form is used by the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat).
LS description: This classification was used for coding LS variables from both the 1981 and 1991 Censuses. However, the range of codes used is different in each case:
The 1981 codes 001-312 correspond exactly with 1991 codes 500-811.
1981 codes 000, 313, 314 correspond to 1991 codes 819, 818, 820.
The 1981 codes do not include education categories, assigned codes 812-817 in 1991.
Mnemonic: SIC(80)
Keyword: Occupation
Start date: Census 1981
References: Standard Industrial Classification HMSO 1980
Equivalent classifications: SIC(68) (Census 1971)
UK SIC(92) (Census 2001)