Classification: SOCLASS81
Short name: SOCLASS81
Full name: Social Class 1981
General description: This classification is the Registrar General’s Social Class (RGSC), which groups individuals in a graded hierarchy of occupations according to skill, for 1981. Jobs and job-holders are assigned to a social class via a derivation table often called the Census Matrix look-up table. The derivation of RGSC depends upon the occupational unit group and the classification of employment status at a given time.
In general each occupational group is assigned as a whole to a social class but there are certain exceptions. In 1981 the rules for classification specify that
a) each occupation is given a basic social class
b) persons of foreman status whose basic social class is IV or V are allocated to Social Class III
c) persons of manager status ware allocated to Social Class II except for the following: Social Class I for group 007.1, Social Class II for groups 039.4 and 057.3 and if the basic class is IV or V.’
LS description:
Keyword: Socio-economic
Start date: Census 1981
References: Hattersley, Lin and Rosemary Creeser (1995) Longitudinal Study 1971-1991 History, organisation and quality of data. London: OPCS ‘Appendix V 1981 Census: definitions and concepts (reproduced from Census 1981, Definitions, Great Britain)’
Equivalent classifications: NS-SEC (Census 2001)
SOCLASS71 (Census 1971)
SOCLASS91 (Census 1991)