Classification: SOCLASS91
Short name: SOCLASS91
Full name: Social Class based on Occupation 1991
General description: This classification is the Registrar General’s Social Class (RGSC) which groups individuals in a graded hierarchy of occupations according to skill, for 1991. Jobs and job-holders are assigned to a social class via a derivation table often called the Census Matrix look-up table. The derivation of RGSC depends upon the occupational unit group and the classification of employment status at a given time.
In general each occupational group is assigned as a whole to a social class but there are certain exceptions. In 1991 the rules specify that
a) each occupation is given a basic social class
b) persons of ‘foreman’ status whose basic social class is IV of V are allocated to Social Class III
c) persons of ‘manager status are allocated to Social Class II with certain exceptions.
The title for 1991 incorporated the phrase 'based on Occupation' to clarify its derivation but the method was unchanged from 1981 and 1971.
LS description:
Keyword: Socio-economic
Start date: Census 1991
Equivalent classifications: SOCLASS81 (Census 1981)
NS-SEC (Census 2001)
SOCLASS71 (Census 1971)