Classification: SOGRADE01
Short name: SOGRADE01
Full name: Social Grade, Approximated 2001
General description: Social Grade is a classification used in commercial marketing and market research to differentiate between social positions. It is used as a predictor of consumption behaviour in market research and is also often used in research on political behaviour.
The classification is ordinal consisting of six categories which rank individuals according to their social position.
It assigns every household to a grade, usually based upon the occupation and employment status of the Chief Income Earner, but in some cases using other characteristics. These make it incompatible with other social classifications.
Although it is not possible to allocate social grade precisely from Census information, the Market Research Society developed a method for providing a good approximation of Social Grade using Census data.
LS description: The following notes may inform LS useage of this classification:
In Census 2001, Approximate Social Grade was derived for all people aged 16 to 71. However, at MRS request, most Census outputs relating to this classification categorised individuals by the Approximate Social Grade of their Household Reference Person (HRP). For households where the HRP is aged less than 16 or over 74, the Approximate Social Grade in the household is determined by the household tenure.
Additionally, at MRS request, Census outputs combine grades A and B since they are not distinguished satisfactorily using Census data.
Keyword: Socio-economic
Start date: Census 2001
Equivalent classifications: