Classification: UK SIC(92)
Short name: UK SIC(92)
Full name: UK Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities 1992
General description: Each Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) groups businesses or economic units by the economic activity in which they engage. SIC (92) updates the previous version SIC (80) to take account of the developments of new industries in the UK economy or evolution within existing industries. There is also an attempt to achieve greater comparability between SIC and the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) in the updated 1992 form. SIC (92) is a hierarchical five-digit system. The first two digits (divisions) are exactly the same as ISIC (Rev 3) in content and coding.
In addition, SIC (92) is structured along the same lines as the European form of the classifcation, NACE*, used by the Statistical Office of the European communities (Eurostat). SIC (92) follows NACE Rev 1 exactly to the four-digit level. A fifth digit is used in SIC (92) to identify subclasses where necessary or helpful.
*Nomenclature génerale des activités économique dans les Communautés européennes. Used by the Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat).
LS description: The 2001 LS Census variable uses a Census modified version of UK SIC (92) classification. Industry descriptions given to the question on the Census form were automatically coded using the modified SIC(92) classification. Where possible, output was at the detailed 4-digit level. However, in many cases, insufficient information was given by the public when completing this question. For example, insufficient responses provided by the form-filler relating to the construction industry meant coding at the 2-digit level only. This resulted in a need to produce a modified classification that was a mixture of 2, 3 and 4-digit industry codes. The list of codes provides output similar to that of the 1991 Census.
Mnemonic: UK SIC(92)
Keyword: Occupation
Start date: Census 2001
Equivalent classifications: SIC(68) (Census 1971)
SIC(80) (Census 1981)