Classification: WRDCAR81
Short name: WRDCAR81
Full name: Ward-based Deprivation Score (Carstairs) 1981
General description:
LS description: A ward-based deprivation score was added to the area of usual residence for each LS member enumerated at the 1981 Census. The score was based on four Small Area Statistic variables derived from the 1981 Census. These are: overcrowding (PJOBSEEK), male unemployment (POVERCRD), not owning a car (PNOCAR) and low social class (PSCL45). The individual scores were standardised and then added to form a single continuous variable calculated in the following way:
DEP=([PJOBSEEK - M1]/S1) + ([POVERCRD - M2]/S2) + ([PNOCAR - M3]/S3) + ([PSCL45 - M4]/S4)
where Mn are the variable means and Sn the standard deviations.
The score provides a measure in the range -6.03 to 19.78, with codes of '99.98' for visitors and '99.99' for not applicable (excluded ward or shipping ward). The continuous nature of the score offers greater flexibility during data analysis.
For a brief note on the meaning of the variables used, and the methodology, see 1981 Census Appendix 26. For more detailed information, and how data for Scotland for 1980-2 showed this measure to be strongly associated with mortality, see Carstairs and Morris (1989).
Keyword: Area
Start date: Census 1981
References: LS User Guide 7 'An introduction to the area based variables in the LS' p 35.
Carstairs V and Morris M (1989) 'Deprivation. Explaining differences in mortality between Scotland and England and Wales', British Medical Journal, 299, pp 886-889.
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