Classification: WRDCW71
Short name: WRDCW71
Full name: Craig Webber Ward-Based Cluster Code 1971
General description: The Craig-Webber area classification is based upon ward of usual residence.
It is a classification scheme produced jointly by The Office of Population Censuses and Surveys (OPCS, now ONS) and the Centre for Environmental Studies to classify local authority districts as one of 36 'clusters' according to a number of social and economic characteristics. These 'clusters' may be aggregated to provide the seven 'families' which make up the scheme.
The classification scheme itself is based on an analysis of
LS description:
Keyword: Area
Start date: Census 1971
References: Creeser R (1991) 'LS User Guide 7 An introduction to the area based variables in the LS' pp 24-29
SSRU (1990) 'OPCS Longitudinal Study User Manual' pp 314-325
Webber R (1977) 'The national classification of residential neighboroughoods: An introduction to the classification of wards and parishs', Planning Research Applications Group Technical Paper TP23
Equivalent classifications: WRDAC81