Hollywood E. Immobility as part of the migration process: the changing geography of miners in England and Wales. In: Creeser R, Gleave S, editors. Migration Within England and Wales Using the Longitudinal Study. ONS Series LS, no. 9. London: The Stationery Office; 2000. p. 85-93

This chapter is based on work undertaken on the role of labour migration as a response to the decline in the mining industry. The overall aim of the research was to understand why miners chose to remain in areas with few employment opportunities, instead of moving in an attempt to find work. the research used a combination of quantitative data from the LS and in-depth qualitative interviews with former mineworkers to address two broad questions: (1) What are the trends and patterns of the migration of miners and how do these compare with the rest of the population? (2) How do we understand attitudes to migration among miners?
The chapter highlights the importance of local authority housing, and the relationship between this type of housing tenure and its implications for the relative immobility of this occupational group.