James E. Immigration flows to Wales: In-migration and change in rural Welsh communities. In: Creeser R, Gleave S, editors. Migration Within England and Wales Using the Longitudinal Study. ONS Series LS, No. 9 . London: The Stationery Office; 2000. p. 40-48

This chapter presents preliminary findings from a research project to examine the scale and character of migration to Wales in general and Dyfed in particular, during the 1981-91 intercensal period. The chapter explores whether migrants to Wales in 1981 had undergone any demographic changes by 1991, whether migrants from different English regions share similar characteristics or form discrete migration streams with distinct characteristics, and to what extent the indigenous population differ from 'newcomers'. Quantitative data from the LS showing the actual scale of immigration are presented alongside the results of a qualitative study of people's perceptions of the phenomenon, based on in-depth interviews with individuals at three locations in West Wales.
While the social class profiles of both English and Welsh in-movers to Wales are very similar, the results presented in this chapter show that between 1981 and 1991 Welsh in-movers exhibited higher rates of social mobility than English in-movers. Evidence from the qualitative interviews suggests one factor that may explain these differences is the apparently greater level of tolerance shown towards return migrants.