Congdon P. Microgate and aggregate perspectives on life table heterogeneity - an empirical investigation of area mortality. Social Science Research 1995; 24 (2): 136-166

This paper investigates the application of micro-level survival models to registered deaths in London and compares indices of mortality obtained with indices derived from aggregate life tables. Allowance for heterogeneity in mortality is made by parametric and non-parametric methods. A particular focus is on how far mortality differentials between different areas are explicable by the birthplace and social class of the deceased and on how far class or birthplace gradients may be understated by neglecting heterogeneity. Life expectancies are compared between heterogeneous and degenerate models, and no uniform effect is found toward a reduction in expectancy, either for micro-or for aggregate models. The data used come from registered deaths from 1988 to 1990 and from the OPCS Longitudinal Study for 1971-1985. (C) 1995 Academic Press, Inc.