Buxton J, Clarke L, Grundy E, Marshall C. The long shadow of childhood: associations between parental social class and own social class, educational attainment and timing of first birth; results from the ONS Longitudinal Study. Population Trends 2005; 121 (Autumn 2005): 17-26

In September 2004, linked data from the 2001 Census was made available in the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Longitudinal Study (a 1 per cent sample of the population of England and Wales). The study now includes information from four censuses on sample members and the people they lived with.
The availability of this new information, the length of follow-up and other features of the study (such as records of births and deaths to sample members) provide new opportunities for analysing change - both over the life course, between time periods, and between generations. This article illustrates the potential for analysis of continuity and change with new results on intergenerational social mobility, and on parental social class and age at first birth.