White C, Wiggins R, Blane D, Whitworth A, Glickman M. Person, place or time? The effect of individual circumstances, area and changes over time on mortality in men, 1995-2001. Health Statistics Quarterly 2005; 28 (Winter): 18-26

This article uses the ONS Longitudinal Study to explore, for a cohort of adult males who were aged 26 or over in 1971, the relative influence on mortality in 19952001 of their place of residence and individual socioeconomic circumstances, at three censuses over a 20-year period.
Factors examined in this analysis include social class, neighbourhood deprivation (at ward level), unemployment, residence in the South East region in 1971 or 1981, housing tenure, and change in social class and housing tenure
between 1971 and 1991. The variation in mortality attributable to the local authority district of residence in 1991 was also investigated.